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Frontline Leader Impact brings together CCL’s world-class content and experienced faculty with Apollo Education Group’s award-winning online learning platform to deliver a completely re-imagined leadership training experience for frontline managers.

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Why Leadership ACE?

Leadership effectiveness is the #1 concern for organizations of all sizes, across industries and around the world. While executives agree that leadership development is critical to future success, almost 60% of new managers never receive any training for their role. The need to prepare these managers is critical but companies are finding themselves compromising between quality, cost, and flexibility when considering a leadership development program. Until now.

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Accelerator Course Experience

Reimagine learning with Ace

Apollo’s ACE is an approach to leadership course design, development, and delivery with the goal of changing the status quo for online learning: to make it fun, engaging, and effective.



An instructional design
framework designed to be highly engaging and grounded in content that is real-world and authentic.


Rich Instructional Model

Featuring interactive learning activities including video, skills practice, self assessments, and reflective journaling.


Social and Collaborative

Learners thrive in an environment where they can learn from one another. Weekly team meetings and discussion threads add to the power of social learning and motivate students to become successful leaders.



Features the Impact Meter, a gamified measure of participant engagement and the Skill Tracker, a graphical representation of the degree to which participants practice the course skills.

The Skill Tracker, a numerical measure and a graphical representation of the degree to which participants engage with and practice
the course skills.


Shareable / Savable

Notes, highlights, and takeaways enable learners to capture and share content (including snippets of video transcripts) then assemble and save them to a personalized notebook of course takeaways.


Secure Learning

A private, well-guarded environment allows participants to safely discuss personal and company-specific topics. This secure environment enables students to freely discuss how to improve their leadership skills.





Introducing Frontline Leader Impact, a 6 week online course and
leadership training experience developed by the Apollo Education
Group and The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).

Frontline Leader combines CCL’s world-class content and faculty with Apollo’s award-winning online
learning platform. The course delivers leadership development training for organizations looking to
advance their first-level frontline managers.

Frontline Leader Impact

The Course Format

Frontline Leader Impact provides 18 hours of learning over 6 weeks, in just 30 minutes per day.

Week 1

Starting your leadership development journey

Week 2

Developing the foundations of strong leadership

Week 3

Getting your message across

Week 4

Accomplishing goals through influence

Week 5

Building the support you need

Week 6

Motivating your team to greatness

acquisition-darkBuilt for Teams

Built with the team in mind, participants experience the course together. Independent and small group activities provide a more intimate context for leadership development training and gaining personal insights.

computer-darkVirtual Instructor

A CCL-trained online moderator serves learners to inspire, engage, and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Through the use of self-assessments and feedback, participants gain a detailed picture of their personal leadership strengths and challenges.

Do you know the 6 key competencies your employees should master?

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Self-Awareness is the degree to which one is conscious of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Personal growth starts from self-awareness.

Learning agility

Learning Agility is a measure of how quickly a person learns from experience and adapts to changes in their environment.


Communication is the ability to effectively communicate goals and expectations to subordinates and superiors.

Political Savvy

Political Savvy is understanding and being effective within the political context of your organization. Those with a high degree of political savvy are the least likely to be perceived as political.

Influencing Outcomes

Influence is the ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions, or thinking. Ultimately, it allows you to get things done and achieve desired outcomes.

Motivating Others

Motivating Others is about inspiring your team to go over and above the expected effort and strive to surpass expectations by connecting at a deeper level with team members.

Unique Lesson Activities

Course Design

Inspires learners to view the content through the lens of a business or career issue that can be addressed in the near term. The learner will have an action plan to take back to their organization to implement – achieving real benefit and impact on the organization.
Ensures a course of action for long-term leadership development. The plan provides measurable and actionable steps the learner will take post-course to continue growing as strong and effective leaders.

Center for creative leadership


Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has leveraged the power of leadership to transform individuals, teams, entire organizations and societies to achieve what matters most to them – with results that are powerful, measurable, and enduring. Meet the Center for Creative Leadership Faculty and hear their perspectives on learning and leadership.

  • Bert De Coutere

    Bert De Coutere is currently a member of the Design Faculty in the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) EMEA office.

  • Abigail Mary Dunne

    Abigail Mary Dunne is a senior faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership.

  • Lynn Fick-Cooper

    Lynn Fick-Cooper is CCL’s Program Director and a lead faculty member, designing and delivering leadership development programs across a variety of sectors.

  • George Hallenbeck

    George Hallenbeck is CCL’s Group Director for Global Product Development.

  • Samir Mehta

    Samir Mehta serves as the Digital Learning Products Manager at CCL.

  • Laura Santana

    Laura Santana is a senior faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership.

  • Jonathan Vehar

    Jonathan Vehar works with organizations to develop leadership and innovation solutions necessary for growth.

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